Purple Haze Marijuana Strain

Purple Haze Marijuana Strain

Inspired by the Jimi Hendrix song, Purple Haze gets its name from its Sativa-dominance, that is rumored to have psychedelic effects which bring consumers back to the 60s. One puff and users get taken back to a time when things were simpler, leaving their head space in a groovy state of mind.

This is a nostalgic Sativa-dominant strain that is said to have originated from parent strains Haze and Purple Thai. These are familiar within the cannabis community as being two very popular strains, which have seen high demand throughout the years for their effects and aromas.

Consumers are completely head over heels for this strain, as it is said to give an incredible high. It is loaded with THC levels that can reach 26%, so its no surprise it sits atop many must-try lists. First-time consumers should try a different strain or tread very lightly with Purple Haze marijuana, and consume it in a low dose.

Purple Haze Strain Origins

The origins of this strain are a little shaky, but it is said to come from Haze and Purple Thai. It makes sense as both of these strains are similar in flavor packing an earthy punch.

This strain has on average, THC levels of around 15-20%. With this being said, it has been said to reach levels of 26%, as mentioned above. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is meant for advanced marijuana consumers. Purple Haze can also be used to treat severe medical illnesses of both the body and mind.

Haze Background

Purple Haze marijuana strain first took the stage in the 1960s in California. Ever since, this strain has become a parent to some iconic marijuana strains all around the world, being a popular cross-breeding strain by many growers.

It is known for its Sativa effects, that pack a punch to its consumers. Haze has extremely high levels of THC and it brings joy to even the most advanced smokers. Sometimes people need a mental break from their everyday life and this is sure to take your mind to space for a few hours.

Note: Haze is very pungent in the smell of classic marijuana and it passes this trait down to Purple Haze. With this being said, be careful when consuming. It is not a discrete scent and if you have nosey neighbors, they are sure to get a whiff or two when you use this strain. Not recommended for those who aren’t supposed to smoke inside their apartment or condo, or you can wave your deposit goodbye.

Purple Thai Background

Purple Thai is known for having a citrusy taste, which also packs heavy hitting Sativa effects. You can see some of the lemon notes of this strain in the Purple Haze strain as well. Typically, consumers of this strain truly enjoy the Purple Haze strain and they often rotate between the two.

Purple Haze Growing Information

For first time growers, fear not, this is an easy strain to grow. It is on the shorter side for flowering time and it can survive in a lot of different climates.  Since it can be grown indoors or outdoors, it is an appealing strain for all types of growers, especially to those who like to grow in numerous places.

It is often recommended to first-time growers who aren’t sure of how to deal with mold or mildew. It is also resistant to pests, which is something a moderate or advanced grower will know how to deal with, versus someone growing a strain for the first time. If you are a new grower reading this, keep in mind there are many online forums, youtube videos, and other online resources to help get you through your first harvest!

You can expect about 7-9 weeks for the flowering time on Purple Haze and a high yield of about 3-6 oz per square foot. The height is average, coming in anywhere between 30-78 inches. This sounds rather tall if you’re not familiar with marijuana, but typical Sativa plants are going to be tall in nature, which makes them desirable to grow outside. If you do choose to grow this inside, make sure you have plenty of room or you will have to look into trimming or pruning your leaves.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Purple Haze is one of the easier strains to identify, as you can spot the purple buds from a mile away. It is dark green layered overall with purple and slight tints of orange pistils running throughout. There are other plants that look similar, but you definitely get an idea of which strain it is from appearance alone, because it has more purple than any other strain.

The flavor profile is smooth and crisp when burned. Don’t expect a lot of sweetness or fruitiness, other than hints of lemon. It is said to taste earthy, flowery, and a little lemony at the end of the smoke.

Medical Benefits

Purple Haze can be used to treat various mental illnesses. One of the most common ailments it is used to treat is depression, because it has heavy Sativa influences, which typically uplift individuals immediately. People who have struggled with depression really enjoy this strain, because it puts them at ease, without making them anxious.

Stress is another reason that people take to this strain. It can be used early in the morning to provide for a positive-energy filled day. Purple Haze helps people get out of bed to do tasks that may seem simple to other people. Consumers with ADD or ADHD typically use this strain to help them with focusing on, and improving their productivity, on tasks they need to get done throughout the day. Productivity often leads to less stress, because there’s less to be done, which also helps to lift a persons overall mood.

Appetite is another reason that people tend to use this strain for medical reasons. It will give users a case of the munchies, which is key for cancer patients or those with stomach issues, who often can’t find the strength to eat.


Psychedelic effects go hand in hand with this strain, because it is so powerful. One consumer review has stated that they used this in Las Vegas without drinking and they felt extreme psychedelic effects take over, resulting in a great time for them, without a nasty hangover the next day. Purple Haze is without a doubt, one of the most popular Sativa strains. Because of this, it is used before all types of activities and leaves consumers a sense of euphoria and purpose. This uplifting strain is generally said to be a good choice to use when you have chores that need to be done. These chores could possibly include spring cleaning, vacuuming or doing laundry.

If you’re a person who loves the outdoors, you will love indulging in this strain before outdoor activities, such as hiking. It puts you into a great mood that will have you enjoying the outdoors like never before. It might even give you the kick in the butt you need to do the black diamond hill trail, that you’ve always been too nervous to try.

Creative recreational activities pair well with this strain. Reading books is an activity that consumers will actively engage in while using Purple Haze marijuana. A little bit of this strain, and it can take the readers mind into the pages, making people feel like they are actually in the story.

Musicians are some of the most active users of this strain. It is no secret that Sativa strains are huge in the music community, due to their effects on the mind. Musicians who aren’t frequent users with marijuana turn to this strain to help them with writer’s block; inspiring them to take a song in a different direction, they might not have otherwise thought to do.

Possible Negative Side Effects

Because this is a heavy Sativa dominant strain, consumers should make sure they don’t consume too much. If they do, they might feel sick until they come down. Once a high is too powerful, there is no way to undo it, and consumers have just have to ride it out.

When people smoke too much of this strain, couch-lock will ensue. This means the consumer is pretty much locked to the couch for hours on end. The good thing here is that this can be easily avoided, by starting slow and listening to your body.

Red eyes and cottonmouth are the only other side effects that you will find with Purple Haze. Like always, keep eye drops and water nearby so you can treat these immediately.


Because Purple Haze is such a popular strain, this strain should be on your list of marijuana to try. If you’re someone who dabbles with marijuana for recreational uses, you will most likely enjoy this strain.

If you have knowledge of marijuana, then you have probably heard of Purple Haze. Is this strain going to be next on your strains to try? If you responded no, you might want to rethink it, because the high from this is truly one of a kind.


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