Redwood Kush Marijuana Strain

Redwood Kush Marijuana Strain

Prepare for a trip through the woods with this ever-relaxing Indica-dominant strain. Redwood Kush packs high THC levels that range from 19% to 26%. This strain is known for its heavy Indica effects with a ratio of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.

The genetics for Redwood Kush are unsure at this moment, but the one thing that is sure, is that it is becoming a popular strain. It has gained popularity with medical marijuana users, since many are having success in treating their medical ailments. If you’re a first-time smoker, be sure to go slow, as a lot of consumers have mentioned extreme head highs and body highs. Its name is directly related to its overall properties, which can be compared to walking through the forest giving users a sense of peace, bliss and contentment with the world around them.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

The flavor profile for Redwood Kush consists of pine, sugar, and earth. Those who enjoy the classic taste of marijuana, but also enjoy sweetness, will enjoy this strain.

The aroma has been compared to taking a hike through the forest. You can expect heavy notes of pine and earth to hit your nose and a bit of it is left on your tongue after smoking or vaping. Those who prefer fruity or sweet strains are not going to like the taste and should choose other ways to consume this strain.

As far as the appearance goes, you can expect to see dark and light green leaves that have red hairs all throughout them. You can think of it almost like a forest fire as the red spreads throughout the green colored buds. All of the buds are covered in white resin which makes this a pleasant sight to look at.


Redwood Kush takes about 8-9 weeks to flower, which puts it on the faster end of growing. First-time growers can attempt to grow this strain, but it’s not as easy to grow as other Indica-dominant strains. This strain has a hard time handling nutrient deficiency with a big problem being Nitrogen Deficiency. To prevent this, you need to monitor the color, because it will start to lighten overall once the deficiency takes place. More mature plants will also show leaves starting to yellow near the base.

It grows to be medium in height and it produces a medium yield both indoors and outdoors. One thing to note is that Redwood Kush needs to be grown in a warm climate or it won’t survive. Those who live in cooler climates should not even attempt to grow it outside or the plant will die.

If growing outside, you can expect to harvest in late September or early October.


There are some heavy Indica and heavy Sativa effects with Redwood Kush. Because of this, it is used as a medical strain used to provide relaxing and uplifting effects at the same time.

You will notice that the Sativa effects kick in prior to the Indica effects, thanks to the THC, so you can expect to feel a sense of euphoria before the body effects come into play. Body parts will begin to feel tingly and heavy which is what many users search for.

A lot of consumers mention that this strain makes them feel extremely sleepy and that they typically only use it at night. Those who have tried to use it in the morning have ended up taking an afternoon cat nap.


Redwood Kush is the perfect strain for those who are struggling with medical ailments. The combination of uplifting effects mixed with intense body highs that are relaxing, make for a dynamic strain.

If you are struggling with insomnia, this could be something that helps you get that much needed sleep at night. A lot of consumers mention that they have gotten some of the best sleep in their lives after using Redwood Kush. This can be used as an alternative to sleeping medication as some people don’t like to take pharmaceuticals. If you are going camping in the Redwood Forest and have a hard time sleeping in a tent then a bit of this can help you get some shut-eye.

The calming body effects can be good for those who are dealing with pain on a daily basis. Muscles spasms and aches can be treated with Redwood Kush as it will put your body into a state of pure relaxation. Those who see a massage therapist, may find increased relief for their body pain with the use of this in an oil or topical form.

Those who are dealing with stress can benefit from this strain, as it not only relaxes you, it also uplifts you. Especially helpful for those who get eye twitches from stress, because not only will that annoying twitch go away, but mental clarity will come. Clarity comes in the form of happy thoughts, but not necessarily in the form of a clear head high, as this may leave users feeling spacey.

Cancer patients who are dealing with the side effects of chemo, should try this strain. There have been a lot of reports lately of people using Indica-dominant strains in order to treat the nausea symptoms that chemo can give them. What typically happens with chemo is that patients lose their appetite, leaving them weak and skinny. Redwood Kush could increase their appetite and calm their anxiety, thus helping keep weight on and nutrients in.

Possible Negative Side Effects

Couch-lock can ensue when using Redwood Kush. To avoid this, try to limit how much you consume. If you do experience couch-lock, try to relax and wait it out.

Another thing that occurs often with this type of strain is an extremely dry mouth and dry eyes. This is common in marijuana, however, people have said that these are even worse with Redwood Kush. Some users complain about having mental mush, which is basically a hard time comprehending things. This can be either funny or concerning depending on how often you have used marijuana before. After a few experiences of mental mush, or a spacey mind, people tend to like the feeling, and are often left giggling with each other.


Because this is an Indica-dominant strain, you won’t find a ton of recreational uses for it. The most common would be the more laid back activities like watching a movie. Since it is best to be used at night, nighttime activities are most often paired with this strain. Nighttime activities to try with this strain include:

  • Camping
  • Baths
  • Reading
  • Watching fireworks
  • HBO series

People in their mid-twenties, and up are sick of hangovers, are opting for more bar-free activities. A big trend at the moment is playing some old school night games like flashlight tag or ghost in the graveyard, bringing them back to their childhood. Just remember to go out before the full sedative effects hit, or you will be sleeping under the stars once all the Indica properties leave you motionless.

Popular Cities for Redwood Kush

As you might expect, this strain is popular in the cities that are out on the west coast. A lot of dispensaries offer it, but be sure to call ahead to your local dispensary before traveling to them, as they may not have it. Here are some cities that this strain is popular in:

  • Los Angeles
  • Sun City
  • San Jose
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • San Francisco
  • Toronto
  • Detroit

Keep in mind that these aren’t the only cities that carry Redwood Kush, they’re just the more popular cities for this strain.

Similar Strains

There are a lot of strains that are similar to Redwood Kush since they are also Indica-dominant hybrids. Let’s take a look at some below:


From the flavor to the effects; this strain seems to offer everything people look for in an Indica-dominant hybrid. The intense body high effects have had people coming back to Redwood Kush as they are saying that they haven’t found a strain to give them such strong Indica effects mixed with Sativa effects in years.

For those of you who enjoy edibles, Redwood Kush can be a great strain because of its Indica effects. Keep in mind that edibles hit you about 45-60 minutes after you consume them, so make sure you give them time enough time to kick in before taking more. Consuming edibles in Indica strains allows for a very smooth and mellow experience.

This would be the type of edible to use at night, as it will give you an intense body high and calm you down immensely. Not great for the morning, especially if you are one who has to drive to work and be productive. This leaves users with a spacey high and the mind will not be clear at all.

Finally, if you’re a true fan of medical marijuana, and strains that can give you a release from medical ailments, Redwood Kush should be on your radar.


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