Romulan Marijuana Strain

Romulan Marijuana Strain

For those who aren’t big star trek fans; the name of this is marijuana strain is going to go way over your head. Romulan marijuana is named after the Romulan alien-humanoid race from the Star Trek series and the strain itself is known for being a heavy hitting Indica. Its popularity has allowed it to be featured in publications such as Skunk, High Times, and Cannabis Culture. Popular for its narcotic couch-locking therapeutic properties, this strain will hit you and leave you pinned to wherever you consumed it.


Romulan has unknown origins, and it’s not quite clear where its lineage comes from. To this day, it remains unclear where it was first made and by whom. We do know that it was bought in 1996 by Federation Seeds as an already completed strain.

Federation Seeds were protecting the strain from becoming extinct and received clones of Romulan to cultivate. Clones received were entirely female and Federation Seeds decided to pair her with the popular strain White Rhino.

Having White Rhino in its genetics is what gives this strain such a high THC percentage, averaging about 20%.


Romulan works great at relaxing consumers and wrapping them in a blanket of content. Effects from this strain often result in deep sleep or overall laziness. This is not used by people for a burst of inspiration or as a source of energy.

This strain is considered a potent Indica, however, growers insist that over time, more Sativa properties have been embedded. It is a topic for debate, but some consumers have noted this strain to have more narcotic-like effects in recent studies.

True growers are supposed to grow Romulan as a 100% Indica strain, but most reports say that it now officially measures as a hybrid, being Indica-dominant. Some growers are really trying to bump up the Sativa amount, leaving users to have a large head and body high. Bumping the head high will help users enjoy the high and not just put them out for the count.

At the end of the day it will depend on the dispensary you obtain this strain from, to determine whether the Romulan you purchase is the true 100% Indica, or just a hybrid.

Medical Uses

Being so Indica heavy; this is used medically by patients that have deep body pains, disease, and illness. The strongest body pain doesn’t stand a chance against this heavy hitter. Patients also use this to help when anti-nausea medication has been tried and has failed.

With the effects being so heavy hitting, this is one strain that isn’t suggested to be used in the form of edibles. Even the most experienced users have to keep an eye on how they choose to consume Romulan. Patients are often urged to use this in a wax, concentrate, oil or topical form.

Can help those with:

  • Neurotic pain
  • Back pain
  • Shingle pain
  • Muscle pain and stiffness
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammatory conditions

Patients with insomnia say Romulan marijuana strain is hands down the best to help them fall asleep, and stay asleep; they refer to it as melatonin on steroids.

Individuals who work desk jobs and sit all day often develop back pain, hip pain, and overall spine discomfort. Instead of taking pain pills, people often turn to Romulan to help them find relief without having to take strong pain pills such as Vicodin or Oxycodone.

On the same note, those who work jobs that require long bouts of physical labor often find pain all over their body, including hard to treat places like their hands and feet. Romulan won’t cure the issues, but users can find relief for a while and possibly be pain-free for an extended period of time.

No marijuana strain actually cures illnesses, but it helps to treat the symptoms.  This is important to remember when looking into what marijuana strain to purchase.

Side Effects

Users should be very careful on the dose they take with this strain. Over consumption can lead to dizziness, and can cause headaches. Typically the headaches are going to be the result from dehydration and users can simply drink water to make them go away. Dizziness as a side effect is a little bit trickier and the cure is to just wait for the high to wear off, in order for it to subside.

Drinking sugar water can help those who have consumed too much cannabis come down faster, and can help get rid of any unwanted side effects. Eating greasy food is only going to amplify the negative effects, and users will end up making the side effects worse.

Recreational Uses

People don’t recreationally use this strain for anything, other than helping them go to sleep. Because of the high Indica content, this isn’t a cannabis that interests people to use before any type of social event. Unless that social event involves a bed and an alarm clock to wake them up in the morning.

Somebody who has a hard time shutting their brain off from their to-do list could use this strain to help them chill, and be able to enjoy simple things like watching TV shows or movies. Most people take relaxation for granted and some individuals need an extra helping hand to unwind after a long day.


A small dose of this strain will affect even seasoned users, and caution is advised for first-time consumers. Even those who aren’t new to the cannabis world should tread easily when first using the Romulan marijuana strain.

Aroma and Flavor

People don’t use this strain for its overall flavor or aroma, because to be blunt, it just simply smells like skunk poo. A high THC level gives the overall earthy, skunky aroma to Romulan marijuana and it isn’t one of the more pleasant tasting or smelling strains.

Tones found in the flavor profile of Romulan include:

  • Oak
  • Citrus
  • Pine
  • Spice
  • Skunk

The taste left on your tongue is described as a sweet skunk, which makes it unique to the consumer. Since everybody’s taste buds are different, some find this strain to be pleasant, and some find the taste awful. The simple solution to those who don’t like the flavor, is to consume this via edibles like candy, or use this strain in the form of an oil or topical lotion.

Vapor emitted tends to be on the harsh side. If you are picky with the taste of smoke this might not be the most ideal strain for you.


Growers of any skill level will find success in growing the Romulan marijuana strain. It can be grown indoors and outdoors and requires little skill. Growers who are familiar with growing Idica plants should take note that this specific plant grows taller, so extra height space should be accounted for.

The plant has a natural resistance to diseases and flourishes best in the Mediterranean like climates. The Romulan strain thrives best when airflow is controlled via a fan or planting in a windy valley. Harvest time average around 50-60 days and can branch multiple times with different budding sites.


Romulan strains produce a moderate yield. Growers who wish to have a larger than average yield will need to spend time training the plant and manipulating it as it grows. Marijuana plants immune systems will benefit positively if you change up their nutrient source.


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