Sour Tangie Marijuana Strain

Sour Tangie Marijuana Strain

The Sour Tangie marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that comes in at 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. DNA Genetics created this strain, and it is a cross between a classic marijuana strain called East Coast Sour Diesel, and a fun newer strain named Tangie. Not to be confused with the Sour Tangerine marijuana strain.

While this is considered a Sativa-dominant hybrid, the majority of the effects with the Sour Tangie strain are mostly Sativa effects. This is the type of strain that grows rather quickly, flowering in just 9-10 weeks, which makes it desirable for many growers.

While this strain can be used for recreational use, it also has a purpose for medical reasons as well. It is important to note that the THC levels of Sour Tangie are absolutely off the charts, coming in at between 16% and 30%. 30% is exceptionally high, even for advanced smokers, so be sure to not over-consume. Sour Tangie also contains a small amount of CBD; which is essential to note, as a lot of consumers are becoming very fond of CBD marijuana strains, due to its advanced medical effects.

Warning: Novice smokers shouldn’t start with this strain as it is powerful, and will knock you off your feet.


As previously mentioned, the parent strains of Sour Tangie are East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie. These are two strains that have made a name for themselves with their impressive flavor profiles and high THC percentage. Let’s take a look at these strains in further detail below.

East Coast Sour Diesel

East Coast Sour Diesel is a fast-growing plant that flowers in just 7-9 weeks. This is a strain that is perfect for citrus lovers, as it has a strong, crisp, lemony flavor. It’s important to note that it also has a gasoline-like smell and taste. While this isn’t for everyone, it has built quite a following in the marijuana community. ECSD is different than West Coast Sour Diesel, both in plant shape and bud characteristics.


Tangie is another excellent offering from DNA Genetics. This is another lemon-infused type of strain, that has been compared to the juicy fruit gum. Tangie is a Sativa that brings on another impressive flowering time coming in at 7-9 weeks. It produces overly sticky buds, and has been around for centuries. Effects will occur a bit later taking about 10 to 15 minutes.

Aroma, Appearance & Flavor

The aroma of Sour Tangie is kind of what you might expect; gasoline meets citrus notes. While it doesn’t sound very appealing, a lot of consumers mention that they actually appreciate the smell. At first smell, you will note the citrus coming through, and upon the second smell, you will get the gasoline scents. Smoke is enjoyable from first inhale to the last puff, has a sour undertone and is easy on the lungs. No couching fits or pain in the chest will occur.

As far as the flavor goes, Sour Tangie tastes as if you were to smash East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie together. You will get a citrus flavor that is met with a chemical-like taste. The taste infuses consumers senses with great terpenes, and an unforgettable experience.


Sour Tangie has some gigantic buds that come in different shapes, ranging from long to short, and are typically loose and fluffy in structure. The color will vary from light green to dark green, and you will notice the orange pistils along with the leaves. Cloudy white trichomes give the bud a sparkling appearance, which makes them sticky, and will require a grinder to break them down.

Flowers found within the plant will change from citrus to diesel just like the buds, giving this a consistent aroma through and through.


As for the effects that you can expect with Sour Tangie, it will be mostly Sativa effects. You can expect to feel peaceful, euphoric, carefree, creative, active, and intellectual. You will feel the high first in your temples, and after a bit, it will melt down your entire body. After an hour, some may feel their body become a bit more heavy, but not enough to keep you glued to your chair.

This is a perfect wake and bake strain, and it is commonly used in the morning. Sour Tangie marijuana is not a great strain to use late in the night, as it could make you feel anxious while trying to sleep, and could cause you to be drowsy the next day.

Recreational Uses

Thoughts can jump freely, which can be great to pair with creative activities, tasks or hobbies. Many use this while trying to write, draw or paint. Some like to use this strain on the weekend, when they need to catch up on folding laundry or washing dishes.


Sativas are often enjoyed by individuals who seek creativity. Artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs will dabble with Sour Tangie if they need to be on their toes and creative. The more focused and creative people are, the more accomplished they will be and feel.


Anyone who been under the influence of marijuana, or been around individuals who have, will notice that they feel very intellectual. Sativas are known for making people more outgoing and in touch with themselves. This can create fluid conversation and can spark unique, organic conversations.

Something to note with Sour Tangie, is that a lot of the reviews are from consumers who often indulge in Sativas. One thing that they always seem to mention, is that this strain leaves them with a clear head, more so than other Sativas. This is important, as it will lead to the individual being more productive, rather than just stoned.

Medical Uses

There are a lot of people in the marijuana community who enjoy Sativas in the morning, as a way to put them in a happy headspace and start their days. A big reason why people enjoy Sativas, is for their ability to put them in a good mood and get them ready to start their days.


The fact that Sour Tangie often brings its consumers to a state of happiness, is a big reason why it is also used for medical purposes. When people are happy, they will find that some of their other problems tend to lessen, or even go away.


As you may or may not know, Sativas have the ability to help with medical ailments. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, pain, nausea, and ADHD are some common reasons that people use this strain.

What can change from strain to strain, even for Sativa-dominants, is the ability to not leave your head cloudy.


Sour Tangie has been known to help individuals with their depression in many cases. Reviews from patients who have used this strain, have often noted that they have switched from pharmaceuticals to this particular strain.

As you know, depression is a profound subject, and it often-times swept under the rug, for people to ignore. Sour Tangie provides users with a sense of happiness, euphoria, and creativity, and these three effects typically help in eliminating, or coping with depression.

If you’re an individual who has tried many different things for your depression, this could be a great strain to try out and finally see results.


A lot of veterans who have struggled with PTSD and anxiety have taken different strains of marijuana. Sativas can help with PTSD, anxiety, and pain management.

Mike Tyson has stated that he has suffered from severe anxiety from the many punches he has taken, mixed with the crazy life that he has lived. He recently started using marijuana as a way to cope, and he has had some great results, that have led to what he calls overall happiness and calmness. He no longer is trapped in a cycle of drugs and abuse, thanks to marijuana strains such as Sour Tangie.


Chemo patients often-times have trouble eating, as they feel nauseated. This is the type of strain that could help with erasing nauseous feelings, thus leading to the consumer feeling hungry.

When people can eat, other problems that come into play from malnutrition will also be erased.

Sour Tangie’s flavor might not be for all, but you might end up enjoying the effects through topicals or edibles.

Negative Effects

This strain can lead to feeling extremely anxious if over-consumed. Because the THC content is so potent, be sure to tread with caution. This is the type of strain that can be too much even for advanced consumers, if not careful.

Dry eyes and cottonmouth are sure to ensue, and these are usually dependent on how much is consumed. To combat these, be sure to have water and eye drops.


When growing indoors, you can expect Sour Tangie to flower in about 9-10 weeks. If grown outdoors, you can expect to harvest it in mid to late October.

Applying what we know about Sativas, we can assume that this plant will grow to be quite tall outdoors. This is correct, as growers have reported it growing over 10 feet tall. Be sure to top early if growing Sour Tangie marijuana.

When grown indoors, it will produce a yield of 16 to 20 ounces per square meter. If grown outdoors, it can produce up to 24 ounces per square meter.

Similar Strains

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Taking a peek at multiple reviews, have spread some light on common feelings you will experience. Users have stated that this strain:

  • Creeps up on you with the high feelings
  • Hits with a happy yet focused chill
  • Pain-free, stress-free and no more panic attacks
  • Taste, smoke, and smell are all fantastic
  • Doesn’t make me anxious, and I’m prone to that


The Sour Tangie marijuana strain is another wonderful creation from DNA Genetics, and it will most likely continue to grow in popularity. With a cerebral blast and a clear headspace, this is an excellent strain for Sativa lovers. People have nothing but positive things to say about it, and claim it will agree with everyone, no matter what their usual marijuana preference may be.

Have you tried Sour Tangie? What are your thoughts?


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