Stephen Hawking Kush

Stephen Hawking Kush

Stephen Hawking Kush Marijuana strain also goes by the name SHK and is a CBD-rich ratio typically measuring in at 5:1 CBD:THC. It is named after the famed scientist Dr. Stephen Hawking. It is made by mixing a Harle-Tsu female, with a Sin City Kush male. While it is only the second release, of the Great Minds series of seeds from Alphakronik Genes, it is a real show stopper.

There are three phenotypes of this strain, and they are known to have flavors of berry, mint, and cherry. Each phenotype is similar, and yet different in their own ways. All of them are revered for their medicinal properties and proper cerebral mindset.

Parent Strains

For those unfamiliar with different strains of marijuana, it will be helpful to look at the parent strains, to get a sense of what characteristics can be expected. With heavy-hitting parent strains of Harle-Tsu and Sin City Kush, you know Stephen Hawking Kush is going to be a big hit, with powerful CBD effects.


The Harle-Tsu marijuana strain is a potent CBD hybrid that has 20 times more CBD than THC. Many use this strain to bring relief from pain and inflammation that they may have daily, or occasionally. Users will feel relaxed, uplifted, and have a positive change in mood, that will leave them feeling festive. Because of the huge CBD content, users will not feel a psychoactive high.

Earth, wood, spice, and herbal flavors make this a desirable strain for those who aren’t big fruit fans.

Sin City Kush

Just like SHK, this parent strain is bred by Alphakronik Genes Seeds and is an 80/20 Indica-dominant hybrid strain.  It is often used by people at night to help with massive body pain, and will weigh people down heavily.

A bit of this will leave users feeling uplifted, hungry, and even aroused. Often used by people medically, to help cure migraines, nausea, and any type of body pain. Grape, pine, and sweet are the overall scents and tastes found within the Sin City Kush marijuana strain.


While this is an Indica dominant hybrid, effects from this strain hit relatively quick and sharply. Users will be left in a full state of mush, making them unable to move. Best if this strain is used at night or in the afternoon, when nothing of importance needs to be completed. Not suggested for being used in the morning, or anytime before you need to operate a motorized vehicle.

These physical body effects are accompanied by an increasingly positive mindset, which gives users a happy overall sense of well-being. SHK makes users feel like nothing in the world is wrong, and even things that typically trigger them will go unnoticed.

Its namesake is an astrophysicist, which is the term that explains space science, when applied to the laws of physics and chemistry, used to describe the birth, life, and death of stars. None of those items will be thought about while using SHK marijuana, and consumers won’t typically have overly creative thoughts, or any epiphanies. With so much CBD found within this strain, people will have a body high, with a clear mind, and they won’t find themselves tripping up in space. Exceptional for those who are sensitive to THC, and won’t cause any paranoia, that some may get with the use of marijuana.

Medical Uses

Because both CBD and THC are found within this strain, it is very desirable for medical patients looking for body and mind relief. Great for those who don’t want the classic high, or trippy feeling, but want the therapeutic relief that marijuana has to offer. The THC in this strain will give people a head buzz, similar to that of drinking a few beers, but nothing psychedelic.

A elevated CBD content is often sought after by those looking to help mental ailments, because it is so effective at treating them. Those with substantial stress, depression, and anxiety can use a bit of this to put their mind in a bright place. It works as a way to lift the darkness inside the brain, and replace it with sun and optimism.

In moderate to heavy doses, this strain can help in treating significant body pain and discomfort. Pain from recurring or injury related events can disappear and can go away for hours with the use of Stephen Hawking Kush.

May help in treating body pain relating to:
car accidents
stroke or heart attack
pulled, sprained or torn muscles
slipped disks
pinched nerves

Cancer patients can treat multiple symptoms with the Stephen Hawking Kush marijuana strain. Nausea is at the forefront of cancer issues, and it is most troublesome to those going through chemo. SHK not only treats nausea related symptoms, but it gives people a real appetite, to crave food, eat food, and keep the food down.

Recreational Uses

Having a marijuana strain that gives both a body and mind high makes it quite pleasurable to users of all kinds. Those who want a strain to help them chill out and unwind after a long day, find this strain perfect in doing just that. It can be celebrated at the end of the day to loosen up, and unplug from everyday annoyances.

Since it gives a pleasant body buzz, people like to pair a smaller dose of this with minor physical activities such as

  • hiking
  • kayaking
  • massages
  • biking
  • rollerblading

Remember, in a heavy dose; this will leave you wanting to stay in your recliner, with your feet kicked up. In this case, people like to pair SHK with low impact activities like:

  •  Netflix
  • Video or board games
  • Youtube
  • Reading
  • Food tastings

Aroma and Taste

The phenotype you purchase is going to be the deciding factor in which aroma you get. While they are all similar, some phenotypes will have certain flavors be more at the forefront and some more hidden.

The overall aroma profiles are:

  • cherry
  • berry
  • mint
  • herb
  • wood
  • earthy
  • grape

Overall smoke is smooth and reminds people of burning incense.


This strain is relatively easy to grow, and anyone looking for Stephen Hawking Kush seeds can find them abundantly online.

Each phenotype has its own unique appearance; some can be tall, and others can be short and bushy. Can be grown indoors or outdoors and thrives in semi-humid climates. The temperature should be kept between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit at all times, or this plant may wilt and die.


Buds found on this plant are medium and ragged. Fluffy leaves are green in color and have orange and pink pistils that run throughout, which make it very easy to spot. When appropriately grown, blue and purple colors will be found in the leaves.

Those looking to bring out the blue and purple colors in the plant, should put this plant in cold temperatures in the vegetative stage to activate the anthocyanins. This will be safe to do at the latter part of the growing process, and should still always be kept out of freezing temperatures.

White trichomes cover the plant which leaves the buds very sticky to the touch. Those who like to use a grinder to break down the bud should clean it after each use, to prevent buildup and bacteria from growing. Remember, just like anything sharp, a grinder will start to get dull over time, and it may be beneficial for you to look into a new one to easily break apart the bud.

Similar Strains

If you enjoy this strain but want a different aroma, try one of these similar strains:

  • Lucky Charms
  • Orange Creamsicle
  • Purple Maui
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Kona Gold
  • Locktite
  • Twisted Citrus
  • Cherry Sauce

Final Thoughts

Those who want a high, that they will feel in both the body and head, will enjoy this strain very much. Stephen Hawking Kush marijuana packs a hefty punch of CBD, and a little bit of THC, making it great for those who can get paranoid with marijuana use. Its overall aroma is smooth and very pleasant for those who like a citrus smell, and those who want earthy ones. Not recommended to be used in the morning, and isn’t great for giving consumers a burst of energy.


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