Strawberry Banana Sherbet Marijuana Strain

Strawberry Banana Sherbet Marijuana Strain

Strawberry Banana Sherbet sounds like the classic breakfast smoothie or late night snack. It also is the name of a marijuana strain that is taking the industry by storm. With one of the most pleasing aromas on the market, the Strawberry Banana Sherbet strain comes through in a big way for its consumers.

This 70%-30% Indica-dominant hybrid packs a mean punch, with THC levels averaging above 19%. It receives a lot of its flavor profile from its two parent strains, and the flavors are awesome.

Novice smokers should probably try a different strain before dabbling with this strain, because the high THC levels can be a bit overwhelming.

Strawberry Banana Sherbet strain comes from a collaboration between Serious Seeds and DNA Genetics, which was originally a Crockett Family Farms creation. The parent strains of this plant are known to be Banana Kush and Bubble Gum. A lot of dispensaries in Seattle carry this strain, and it has developed a cult following on the west coast.

Flavor and Aroma

As its name implies, it should come as no surprise that the Strawberry Banana Sherbet strain is something many users write home about, with an emphasis on it being a sweet treat.

While smoking, consumers are initially met with a smooth, strawberry flavor. The banana isn’t tasted as much as the strawberry on the inhale, but can be tasted on the exhale. You will additionally notice a sweet berry taste, aside from the strawberry, finished with a cream flavor, resembling a nicely crafted fruit salad.

The breeder did an exceptional job in matching the name to its flavor profile, rounding out the total bud with a sweet tropical taste. Medical marijuana users typically go crazy for this strain, as it is very easy to consume. This is due to its flavor, which makes it a joy to use, unlike other medical strains that tend to leave a skunky taste on the tongue.


In the appearance department, you will notice the buds are covered with an abnormal amount of trichomes and orange pistils. The actual green in the bud is a bit hidden and hard to see, compared to other marijuana buds, which are typically all green in color. Overall the look is quite shiny and beautiful when the sun hits the crystals.


This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors and it typically results in a high yield of 3-6 oz. per square foot. First-time growers can fear not with this strain, as it is one of the easier strains to grow. Remember to check your plant daily so you can quickly fix any growing issues that may arise, such as mold, pests or mildew.

The main reason that it’s easy to grow is due to the fact that it can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and has a good survivability rate. It has a 7-9 week flowering time, and this is on the shorter side for marijuana plants.

Great for those who only have space to grow inside, because the plant itself is compact. This makes it easy to fit into small apartments or small rooms inside homes. The plant isn’t pungent, which makes it great if you have nosey neighbors, with nosey noses, who won’t think twice about reporting you to the landlord, who has a strict no plants rule.

If you are one of those lucky people who are cool with your neighbors, you still want to keep your marijuana growing on the down low. A common problem home growers face is theft, which not only will make you feel violated, but will set you back some big bucks.

Set Up

Make sure you have a proper place set aside to grow your plants, that is freshly sanitized. Have everything ready before you plant the seeds. Key items to have would include:

  • Nutrient-rich soil
  • Lamps, aka cannabis grow lights
  • Fan to provide a steady stream of air
  • Thermostat
  • 24 hour timers – to control light, temperature, humidity, etc.


There are some incredibly encouraging stories about the strain and its fantastic medical benefits. War veterans have used this strain to their advantage, and they have had some serious success with helping with their anxiety and PTSD. This strain puts people into a world of euphoria that leaves them in a happy, stress-free mood. When taken in high doses it can also help them fight phantom visions, allowing them to get sleep, bringing them back into the now.

Sex drive is a benefit that consumers have openly talked about in their reviews. Strawberry Banana Sherbet marijuana has what it takes to put consumers at ease and put them more in the mood than they normally would be. Men prefer to use this to viagra because it doesn’t have any nasty side effects, which means they don’t have to have awkward urgent care visits at midnight.

Stress, Pain and Insomnia

Stress is another disorder that this strain really treats. After a long day at work, a little bit of Strawberry Banana Sherbet will settle users down, and help the workday wear away. For those new to the marijuana world, using weed in place of a beer or two after work can relax you, without giving you an unwanted beer belly.

If you’re struggling with chronic pain, and you don’t want to rely on pharmaceutical pills, this strain could be a great fit for you. Because it is such a strong strain it is able to react with brain receptors to trick your body into a way of not feeling pain. Chronic pain users typically like to use Strawberry Banana Sherbet in the form of edibles, topic lotions or oils.

Insomnia is another disorder that you can find relief from and catch some much-needed sleep. Because this is an Indica-dominant strain, it is great to use at night right before bed. Consumers have stated that this truly has cured their insomnia and they swear by it. People also state that the flavor is appealing, as opposed to a classic marijuana taste that they don’t enjoy right before bedtime. No one wants to wake up with morning breath, and a skunk funk sitting in their mouth.

Recreational Uses

This is a crowd favorite due to its flavor and aroma, so this strain is definitely used recreationally. Because it is an Indica-dominant strain, it is typically used for activities that don’t require a ton of energy. It is suggested for use in the late afternoon, or at nighttime.

Tubing is a fantastic idea for this strain, as it will completely put you into the mindset to enjoy the outdoors, and it doesn’t require a ton of physical activity. Nothing is better than a  nice aroma while you’re floating down the river enjoying your own slice of paradise.

As with any Indica-dominant strain, this is great for people who really enjoy watching movies. This will relax you and put you into that happy headspace that you will want to be in to enjoy a movie.

Long walks through nature is also a popular activity, that people take advantage of when consuming Strawberry Banana Sherbet marijuana.

Negative Effects

You should be careful when consuming this strain, as it can put you on the couch for hours if you consume too much. This is common amongst high THC strains that are Indica-dominant. The good thing is that this can be easily avoided by taking the proper dose.

Dry eyes will definitely occur, so be sure to bring along some eyedrops that can hydrate and eliminate redness. Cottonmouth may also occur, so as always, be sure to have a bunch of water available for consumption.

Top Cities To Find Strawberry Banana Sherbet

  • Seattle
  • Los Angeles
  • Portland
  • Santa Ana
  • Spokane
  • Everett
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Vancouver

Overall Thoughts

Overall, the Strawberry Banana Sherbet is great for those who want a light and airy marijuana taste. It no doubt offers some incredible flavor, smell and effects, and it also has a wide range of medical benefits.

If you haven’t heard of this strain yet, you’re bound to come across it eventually, especially if you live on the west coast.

Key Features & Recap

  • Impressive flavor profile packed full of strawberries and bananas
  • An intoxicating, fruity aroma that takes you to paradise
  • THC levels of over 19 % on average
  • Not suggested for first-time smokers
  • Most popular in Seattle


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