Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain for Social Anxiety

Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain for Social Anxiety

Is your social anxiety keeping you from having fun? If so, Strawberry Cough might be the best strain to help you fit in. Many feel it is the best cannabis strain for those with social anxiety. It could be a reliable strain for you with the goal of relaxing your social awkwardness. Kyle Kushman discovered the strain by blending a Strawberry Field strain from Vermont with the original Haze strain. The Strawberry Cough Strain was the result, and it contains THC levels of about 18%.

You may be wondering why the name of the strain refers to ‘cough’.  The Strawberry Cough strain is known to cause a slight cough.

It was bread for taste. In terms of THC content, it is a milder strain, especially when grown outdoors. However, some growers have produced THC content as high as 22.8%.

Strawberry Cough is known for its fresh strawberry smell and its intensifying sensation. Talking of this sensation, the smoke is extremely smooth and the sensation is full of berries. Besides managing social anxiety, this strain is also best known for helping to lower high stress levels.

Strawberry Cough eliminates all of your anxieties without knocking you out, thanks to its uplifting haze effects. Expect clearheaded results which effectively eliminate all of your anxiety and stress.

Physical Characteristics

The buds showcase its hybrid nature. The bud structure is more Indica in style, with compact, solid leaves. The dominance is in the buds’ conical shape, like that of a pinecone. One distinctive feature is how the bright green buds are interlaced with reddish pistils. The amber trichomes make for a rather yellow colored cloudiness. So, you have quite a colorful strain, both on the inside and the outside.

Medical Benefits

Strawberry Cough lowers stress levels by calming the mind and body, and slows down the heart rate to a stable pace for clearer focus and concentration.  Therefore, those with ADHD could potentially benefit from this strain.

With the help of Strawberry Cough; bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, paranoia and anxiety might be lessened. A patient should start by consuming a small dose of the strain, going up the dosage. This strain helps patients feel hopeful and focused. If you are seeking the best of both worlds, you can combine this strain with other strains to effectively combat pain.

Strawberry Cough can be vaped as well. You can get one packed in cartridge or vape pen. Strawberry Cough strain definitely provides you with energy. It is best to vape in the morning (or mid-day), if you are looking for a boost in energy.

Some cancer patients have utilized this strain as a remedy to combat negative symptoms arising from chemotherapy treatment.

Strawberry Cough is available as edibles, candies, tinctures, concentrates, gummies and extracts.

Recreational Purposes

This strain is very unique when compared to other strains, due to the energy level and mental benefits its provides. It is uplifting to your spirit. The THC percentage can be high, but it won’t knock you out, unless you go overboard.

As for fighting social anxiety, it tends to trigger chattiness, giggles and intimate conversations. It can also provide reflection and enhanced reasoning. It has the ability to assist you in tackling your issues head on. It is potentially one of the sweetest and most creative strains available.

It is known for providing the effects for a differing state of mind, and works well in support of your favorite recreational activities. For example, when watching a program on TV, you would probably become more immersed in the content.  The story being portrayed might resonate with you more than it typically would.

Possible Side Effects

The Strawberry Cough strain has relatively few side effects. As the name suggests, it can induce a bit of coughing. Also, it can cause your mouth to be dry. The dry mouth is easily manageable if you remain hydrated and take in  plenty of fluids before, during and after inhalation.

Another potential side effect is dry eyes.  This can be resolved by having a bottle of moistening eye drops, which can be purchased from your local pharmacy.


Strawberry Cough tends to grow well in outdoor environments. It flourishes when grown in partial sunlight, and the plants are strengthened as they twist and wiggle in the wind. It typically grows tall and lanky, so be sure to provide spacing of at least 2 meters between plants. Potted plants should be rotated regularly.

Strawberry Cough is one of the easiest strains to cultivate and it produces high yields. It does not require significant maintenance. It can be easily be grown indoors as it doesn’t require much warmth,  only 21 to 30 Celsius. If grown outside, it would be the ideal climate.

The leaves will do anything to face the sun. When grown in pots indoors, frequently move them outdoors to encourage the plant to turn the leaves each morning. This will enable the plant to have a thicker, healthier base to sustain and support more buds. The greatest yield is realized from a thick and healthy plant from the bottom up.

Grown outdoors, you can get creative by trying a topping technique. You trick the plant into growing parallel stems rather than just one. You do this by removing new growth above the fourth node using a sterilized tool. New growth will develop in two spots instead of just one spot.

Prune away unnecessary foliage and make sure the plant regularly exposed to a nice breeze.

Overall, Strawberry Cough is a must try if your priority is to find a strain that is full of flavor while also providing an amazing high. It’s combination of a smooth toke and compelling cerebral effects provide for a top-notch experience.

Also, if you are searching for a natural alternative to conventional treatments for acute stress, paranoia, chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety or depression, the Strawberry Cough strain might be just the one for you.


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