Strawberry Ice Marijuana Strain

Strawberry Ice Marijuana Strain

The 2015 Oregon DOPE Cup awarded the Strawberry Ice marijuana strain with the Best Sativa award. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has one of the best aromas currently available on the market, with scents of strawberry, fruit, and berries.

Strawberry Ice is the perfect wake and bake strain for those who enjoy marijuana in the early hours, and will give users a head-forward energetic vibe. With THC levels coming in at 21% and above, it is sure to wake even the drowsiest of people.

You will notice, within minutes, the boosted levels of energy, reduced levels of stress, and overall feeling of joy. Because of its head-heavy effects, Strawberry Ice can be used for medical reasons, and active recreational pursuits. A body buzz will hit, without being so heavy that it will make you immobile.


Strawberry Ice is a 60/40 Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that comes with a little bit of a mystery. It is known that one of the parent strains is Blueberry marijuana, however, the second parent has not yet been confirmed. What is known, is that the second strain is for sure a Sativa.

You may see the Strawberry Ice marijuana strain called the abbreviations, STI or SI.

The breeders of this strain remain unknown, and that’s the reason why the second strain has yet to be confirmed. If you’re a fan of high levels of THC, Strawberry Ice could be your type of strain.

Warning: Novice smokers or marijuana consumers should tread lightly as these levels of THC are nothing to mess with. They strike you, and they hit you heavy.

Note: There have been recent reports and speculation that the second parent is a landrace Thai strain. This has not been confirmed, however, this is recent breaking news.

Let’s take a look at the one confirmed parent strain, the Blueberry strain below.


Blueberry marijuana is an Indica strain that has built a large following amongst the marijuana community, and has been named atop A+ marijuana list. This strain has been traced all the way back to the 70’s, and this is another strain with moderately high THC levels. The Blueberry marijuana strain has been jumping around from place to place, and breeder to breeder, throughout the years.

Like the Strawberry Ice strain, Blueberry is for those who enjoy a pleasant aroma and taste, rather than the traditional skunk smell of marijuana. It won the best Indica award at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2000, which means it has some legitimate genetics, that it passes down to the Strawberry Ice strain.

Let’s jump back to the Strawberry Ice strain below.

Flavor, Appearance, and Aroma

No matter if you are breaking down the buds, smelling the smoke, or enjoying Strawberry Ice via edibles or drinks, they all have one thing in common, a strawberry aroma.


Strawberries are definitely at the forefront of this strain, and the back-end brings in pleasant tastes of fruit and mint. As far as the overall taste goes, Strawberry Ice ranks very highly compared to most other strains. From first smoke to the after taste, it leaves a pleasant flavor on the lips and tongue, for quite some time after your first hit.


The appearance is eye-grabbing, as it is covered with a red-hue. This makes the strain look almost like it is on fire. The nuggets are also frosty, giving them a lovely appearance, that makes it clear why ice is in the name.


Similar to the taste, Strawberry Ice hits your nose with the scent of a strawberry field, mixed with mint leaves. There is a small skunk smell at the end; however, you will mostly smell sweet fruit.

Why was the little strawberry crying? Because his mom was stuck in a jam, and that jam is exactly the scent you will smell, from beginning to end, with the Strawberry Ice marijuana strain.


Strawberry Ice is known for its Sativa effects, even though it does have some Indica effects as well. You can expect the following:

  • Happiness
  • Energy
  • Talkative
  • Focused
  • Euphoric
  • Creative


Happiness is usually at the forefront of the effects for many strains, and for this one, in particular, it’s definitely enhanced. Put your hands up in the air, because this is a strobbery, and this strain just stole your blue mood, and replaced it with pleasant thoughts.

The increased amount of energy, and creativeness, leads individuals feeling ready to take on the world.

This is the type of strain that will leave you feeling happy, and carefree, the whole day through.


As mentioned above, this works great as a wake and bake strain. The energy levels will be increased at least two times your normal level, and you will find yourself ready for the outdoors, and engaging activities. If you are typically too tired after work to do much of anything, a bit of this can give you a second wind. You will notice you have more energy now for hobbies, working out, and even just enjoying the company of your family at home.


This is the perfect type of strain for those who are more introverted. If you’re going to a party, or a get-together, Strawberry Ice could be just what you need, a real icebreaker, with great flavor. You will find yourself talking to others with ease, and the conversation will flow easily.

Marijuana is being used, more and more, to treat individuals who have a hard time breaking out of their shell. It works, in different way than pharmaceuticals, and won’t leave you with a foggy head.


While marijuana can sometimes get a bad rep for making people lazy, Strawberry Ice is the type of strain that lights a fire under individuals, and gets them focused on tackling tasks they typically put on the back burner.

A lot of these effects, including being focused, really help with medical ailments, because they work to reduce stress and depression. The more things you get done, typically, the less-stressed you’ll find yourself. A clean room leads to a clean mind.


You will step into a world of euphoria upon consuming this strain. Not only does it taste good, but it also will put a smile on your face from its effects. Euphoria, is often talked about with marijuana, and this Sativa strain is no exception, with its high THC content.


This is the most significant appeal with this strain, for those who are heavily into the arts. Musicians, actors, and artists, can find their creative sides with this strain, throwing them into their flow-zone. The fact that Strawberry Ice also helps with focus levels, and really enhances the creative side, in order to bring deep-rooted ideas to the surface.

Negative Effects

There are really not any harmful side effects. Even the dry mouth and red eyes aren’t very prevalent with this strain. Keep in mind, that you should always carry eye drops and water with you, just in case. Over-consumption can also drastically play into these effects.

Those sensitive to THC, or unfamiliar with marijuana, might find the head and body high to be a bit extreme. Proceed with caution, feel how your body responds to a moderate dose, and then go from there.


This is a moderately-difficult strain to grow. It’s not the easiest, yet not the hardest to grow. It can be grown in both indoor and outdoor environments, but provides better yields outdoors. The buds on this plant actually manage moisture quite well, but they don’t do well with pests, therefore, growers should look into cultivating this strain in a greenhouse.

It is important to note that Strawberry Ice can grow rather tall, so if you’re trying to be private, consider growing it indoors. Branches will easily break if the grower does not apply proper support techniques.

Average growing time takes about 7 to 10 weeks, and is ready for harvest from late September to late October.

Indoor growing produces a yield of about 12 to 16 ounces per square meter, and outdoor yield is about 3 ounces more per plant.


This strain treats an abundance of medical ailments. If you’re someone who struggles with depression, ADHD, PTSD, pain, stress or anxiety, you can significantly benefit from the Strawberry Ice strain.


You will notice that depression levels can drastically decrease when consuming marijuana. Strawberry Ice is no exception, and it might actually help in treating depression more than other strains. This is due to its effects, mixed with the pleasant aroma. Strawberry s one of those scents that bring you back to happy times, and even those who don’t like the taste of strawberries like the smell.

This strain has hundreds of reports of being amazing for happiness, and decreased levels of depression.


Those who have tried pharmaceuticals, and have not liked their effects, can significantly benefit from this strain. The high THC and CBD levels, can generally help with pain management. Some people have said that this strain has made it, so they no longer have to rely on pills for the pain.


Since one of the major effects is feeling focused, this can directly help with ADHD symptoms. You will find yourself to be much more focused, and will have the ability to stick to an activity, for an extended period of time.


Stress is one of the worst things in the world to deal with. It can genuinely beat individuals down, from the inside out. Strawberry Ice may drastically help with stress levels, and lead people to a more positive life.


Have you ever been late to work, and found yourself dealing with an enormous amount of anxiety upon entering the workplace? This is an example of what some individuals deal with on a daily basis. While you shouldn’t consume marijuana before work, that dreaded feeling that you get, can be dealt with from this strain. Since it is a wake and bake type of strain, with an almost even hybrid mix, it can be fine to use before work. It will leave you with a clear, focused high, that encourages you to get your job done.


This is one of the most frequently reviewed strains on the web. Reviewers of the Strawberry Ice marijuana strain state the following:

  • I’ve been using AND growing it for a few years now for personal medical use of course. All the SI I’ve enjoyed so far has been extremely smooth and relaxing, leading to the ultimate sleep within the hour (provided one can sleep-in without interruption). One of my top 3 favs.
  • Absolutely amazing strain! Great energy, euphoria, concentration, ect..Zero Ill effects. Great for stress, PTSD, depression, ect.. very lifting.
  • Bubbles of fruit carry me towards the heaven where I shall finally meet THC Jesus. If you are reading this you have been blessed by him, puff puff pass it on.
  • Phenomenal Sativa strain. Lots of focus and a nice energy boost. Probably one of the tastiest and plain lovely flowers I’ve seen. I highly recommend it.

Similar Strains

If you think this strain is your type of jam, then you might be interested in these similar strains. Some may have similar flavors, while others may provide similar effects.

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Final Thoughts

Strawberry Ice should be a go-to Sativa-dominant strain, if you’re a fan of flavored strains with higher levels of THC. This is the type of strain to amp you up, and get you in the mood to go out and have a good time, be productive, or engage in conversation with new individuals. If you prefer a clear head high ,with a beautiful body high, this will be the strain you pick, out of the field of fruit.

Have you ever experienced this strain? What are your thoughts?


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