Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain

Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain

Sweet Tooth marijuana takes you on a journey infused with an intense body high, and a berry-flavored punch. Winner of the 2001 Cannabis Cup, this Barney’s Farms Indica dominant hybrid comes in with euphoric, and uplifting effects, that can turn anyone’s sorrows into bright days. If you find yourself ravaging through your freezer or cabinets for sweet treats, then odds are you will be a fan of the Sweet Tooth marijuana strain.

Sweet Tooth is one of the most potent hitting strains currently available on the market. Because of this, it is often prescribed by doctors for insomnia and stress. While it is a hybrid, consumers can expect to feel a substantial body high with slight cerebral effects.

This strain has maintained its popularity over the years, and continues to be a heavily sought-after product. Since it is made from a long line of landraces, it provides pure marijuana effects that can be unmatched by human-made strains.


Some say that Steve (from Spice of Life Seeds) has been breeding this strain since 1995, but that is not the popular opinion.

Most people believe Sweet Tooth marijuana is, and always was, bred by Barney Farms and is a cross between 3 popular landrace strains; Hawaiian, Afghani, and Nepalese. All of these strains are heavily talked about in the marijuana community, and for a good reason; they’re intense. They are all landrace strains, which means they were produced and developed in nature without any human alteration.

Let’s take a look at the parent strains to see where Sweet Tooth gets all of its wonderful attributes from. Each strain is named after where it was first developed.


Hawaiian is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is mostly known for giving consumers a fun, less-focused vibe. The flavor profile is sweet, citrus, and tropical. This strain provides some moderately high THC levels and hits users very quickly, giving them a buzzy head high. Taste from this strain is not super potent, which makes it enjoyable for any type of marijuana smoker. Typically used to help treat stress, pain, and fatigue.


Afghani is currently one of the most popular strains in the world. It is a heavy Indica strain that provides users with a body-numbing sensation that is perfect for headaches, stress, and pain management. Since its effects profile is so renowned, it has been used to breed many other famous strains. Earthy, pungent and pine round out it’s flavor profile.


Nepalese strains simply refer to strains grown in the Nepal region. They are typically Sativas when it comes to how they grow and look, however, their effects tend to lean a little bit more Indica. Nepalese strains are known for being quiet hashy in their aroma profile, followed by hints of earth, citrus, and a floral. Therapeutic patients use this strain for depression, pain, and insomnia.

Taking a look at the parent strains throws a bit of Indica and a bit of Sativa at you. Since 2 out of the 3 parents strains are Indica, it is no wonder that Sweet Tooth marijuana leans more Indica being an 85/15 split.


When it comes to growing Sweet Tooth marijuana, there are a couple of things to mention. This strain is relatively easy to grow in both indoor and outdoor settings, which makes it a relatively non-fussy plant. With this being said, the branches will become very heavy, so you will need to do some trimming to prevent breakage and bending. This is a plant you might want to consider growing outdoors, since it is resistant to pests and insects. The buds should always have sufficient airflow.

Like most Indica plants, especially landrace genetic strains, this plant can grow full, and become quite bushy in nature. If you choose to grow this indoors, make sure you have enough space, and an adequate room size, to let the plant fully develop.

Sweet Tooth grows pretty quickly, and can be harvested usually in 8-9 weeks. On average, you can expect about 16-18 ounces per square meter for the yield depending on if it’s indoors or outdoors.


When grown outdoors, it requires a moderately warm to cool climate. This strain is resistant to mold and mildew. Sweet Tooth comes in at about 18 ounces per square meter when grown outdoors. The plant will grow to be 6 -8 feet in height outdoors.


The yield will be a little bit smaller when grown indoors, coming in around 16 ounces per square meter. This is an easy strain to cultivate, as long as you provide it with the right conditions and care. Indoors the plant will grow to be about 3-4 feet in height.


Fear not, you will not need to worry about catching a toothache from this fabulous strain. While Sweet Tooth is a very sweet strain, it’s not going to hurt your teeth, or give you cavities like your ice cream, candy and cookie habit can. Sorry tooth fairy, you won’t be collecting teeth, contrary to what the Sweet Tooth marijuana name might imply.

The flavor of this strain is heavily berry, floral, and sweet. This is the type of strain that keeps people coming back for more, as it tastes delicious, and packs some substantial effects.


The aroma is very similar to the flavor. It’s delightful berry smell has a barely-there hint of skunk to it. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the classic fragrance of marijuana, then give this strain a try.

Overall aroma has been compared to walking into your favorite bakery, where fresh pies and cookies are in the oven, leaving the room with a warm and inviting smell. First walking into a place where Sweet Tooth buds are broken apart, will instantly make your stomach start to gargle.


On the appearance side, it is typically rated higher than most strains, with many trichomes found all over. They are everywhere on the plant, including the buds, flowers, and even the stems of the plant. It’s a sugar fairy plums eye candy dream.


The effect profile of Sweet Tooth is not one to mess with. It comes in strong with relaxation, happiness, euphoria, uplifted, and sleepiness. It is highly suggested to be used in late afternoon, or at night, because it will leave users drowsy. Depending on where you purchase this, THC can range from 14-19%. Since it is mixed with a heavy Indica dominant strain, the THC won’t give users any hallucinations, or overly psychedelic feelings.

Users of Sweet Tooth can expect a moderate and heavy body high, that will make it hard to get up off your bottom and get anything done. Don’t use this on days you have to go into work, or any time before you have to drive. Drowsiness is a real thing, and fighting your eyelids to stay open is harder than walking past free samples at the grocery store.

If you are trying to pick a day to use this, make sure it is one of the lazy days you set aside. Tell your Sweet Tooth to listen to your wisdom teeth, put down the ice cream before bed, and try a bit of this strain instead.


Prepare to take a trip to snooze land when consuming this strain. One of the most reported effects of this strain is how tired it makes its consumers. This is one of the main things that make this strain so popular in the medicinal world as well, because it can fight insomnia, and other sleeping disorders.


You will notice, upon smoking this strain, that your stress starts to dwindle, and your body starts to physically relax. Feelings from this can be compared to the overall melty feeling you may feel after an hour-long massage.

Many consumers have mentioned that this strain pretty much numbs their body and makes them feel incredibly euphoric.

Relaxation from marijuana can be one of the most enjoyable things in the world, as you find yourself to be carefree, and stress-free.


Everyone’s favorite effect from marijuana strains tends to be happiness. What’s better than feeling happy? Sweet Tooth marijuana has the ability to make you feel satisfied with yourself and your surroundings. This is important as it allows you to have a positive mindset. There’s so much more you can accomplish in your life when feeling positive, and everyday worries won’t seem to matter.


Euphoria is an effect that people truly enjoy. Similar to happiness, this effect makes you feel elated with your overall well-being. This often can lead to consumers being creative and coming up with brilliant ideas. In the past, you may have wanted to start a hobby like painting, or singing, but thought you weren’t good enough. With a bit of this strain, however, you will find the voice inside your head that pushes you to try new things.


This effect is one of the reasons that stress doesn’t stand a chance with the Sweet Tooth strain. While it makes you sleepy, it also leaves your spirit feeling uplifted, and ready to take on the world. This can put you in a great mindset before you fall asleep, making your reams pleasant and enjoyable.


Medicinally, Sweet Tooth is one of the more popular strains that doctors prescribe. It has a great flavor, so it’s easy for non-smokers to use, as part of their treatment plans.

This strain would work great for stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, pain management, and appetite. It’s aroma makes it desirable to use before bed, and is one of the strains you won’t mind having around your bedroom, or other cleanly kept spaces.


Everyone knows how prevalent stress is in the world today, from jobs to personal life, this strain can come in handy. Marijuana users will typically have a grin permanently plastered on their face, for a reason. One of the main things people think about when they think of others who consume marijuana is their overall sense of happiness, and well-being. Stress tends to melt away when you have those two things going for you.

When you’re less stressed, you can also see the world in a positive light, and accomplish more things.


Depression is a terrible ailment. People can take solace in the fact that marijuana can significantly help people deal with depression. Sweet Tooth is an excellent strain for this, as it also allows you to get a much-needed nights rest, and enables you to see things in a different light.


When you’re not sleeping, there are going to be a lot of problems that you’re dealing with, both mentally, and physically. One rip of this strain and you will be sleeping like a baby. Once you’re able to get some sleep, you will be able to focus better on the problems at hand, as well as dealing with stress and depression, with a clear mind.


Anybody who has ever dealt with anxiety knows that it can be a terrible illness. This is something that makes people not even want to show up to social events, or make it into work. Anxiety can frequently lead to depression as it isolates people from the real world. Sweet Tooth can come in handy here, as it is known for reducing anxiety.

Pain Management

A lot of veterans have incredibly positive things to say about this strain of marijuana. If you read reviews on Sweet Tooth, you will find a lot of people saying how much this strain helps with their pain. This can help with body pain, and even headaches. If you’re sick of pharmaceuticals, this could be the perfect remedy.

Negative Effects

There are not any unusual adverse side effects. You can expect a dry mouth and red eyes. One thing to note, is that this strain will make you pretty sleepy. With this being said, you should never be operating vehicles, and especially not with this strain. Don’t consume this before you have to be somewhere crucial like a work event, weddings, or a house warming party.

Recreational Activities

Since this strain makes you sleepy, it’s not going to be fantastic for outdoor activities. With this being said, it could be great for stargazing or doing less physical activities.

A few recreational activities to pair this with include:

  • Reading
  • Streaming
  • Movies
  • Eating
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

Dessert Alternative

If you are one who likes desserts, but might feel full from dinner, then a bit of the Sweet Tooth marijuana strain is going to change your world. Not only will you get your sweet fix, but you will be gaining a bit of a sleep aid as well.

Another positive, is that marijuana has no calories, which means you can partake in the sweets, without gaining weight throughout your body. Its the diet answer you have been searching for.

Similar Strains

If Sweet Tooth Marijuana sounds good to you, then you might want to try these similar strains:

  • XJ-13
  • Euphoria Cookies
  • Ghetto Bird
  • Cannatonic
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If you are curious about different first-hand accounts of users with the Sweet Tooth Strain, then take a peek below at what multiple users have said.

  • If you have massive depression, you’ll want to do SweetTooth. It has an outstanding knack for making you feel better, very sticky and dense round nuggets in deep green & orange hairs.
  • This is one of those strains which are pretty easy and fast to grow. I love to smoke this, so I grew some of my own.
  • It gave a great Indica high: relaxed, trippy, heightened sensations, lowered inhibitions, and that melting into each other feeling only a quality Indica can provide. This is a great strain for slowing things down and focusing on each other. It’s pretty much a tantric strain and it is highly recommended.


Sweet Tooth is easily one of the most potent body high, and tasty strains available, for those who love Indica-heavy cannabis. If you’re someone who deals with insomnia, stress, or pain, this strain should be on your radar. This is ideal for those who don’t like the typical marijuana aromas, and prefer something sweeter. The higher THC in this strain is excellent for therapeutic purposes, but is also great for those who don’t want a trippy head high.


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