Tangerine Haze Marijuana Strain

Tangerine Haze Marijuana Strain

If you’re a fan of tangerines; you are going to love this strain. The Tangerine Haze marijuana strain is known for having one of the most fruity aromas and tastes available on the market.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid has all things that marijuana consumers look for: high levels of THC 11%-21%, Sativa effects, Indica effects, and a 10 out of 10 taste profile.

This is the type of strain that is perfect for starting out your day by getting energized and uplifted early in the morning. A lot of people comment on the aroma being a refreshing scent for marijuana as well.

Tangerine Haze Origins

Tangerine Haze comes from the Netherlands and it is a clone-only Sativa-heavy strain. Its parents are G13 Haze and NYC Diesel. Both of these strains are pretty well known as well among cannabis users worldwide.

Let’s take a look at these strains in further detail.

G13 Haze Background

G13 was bred with an original Haze to give it some seriously heavy Indica effects, while still possessing an uplifting sensation. It packs THC levels that are not advised for novice smokers. This is a marijuana strain that the medical community absolutely loves, and was bred specifically with potency in mind.

Aroma profile consists of earth, pine, and wood.

Because it’s a heavy Indica strain, it gives its consumers some great benefits and potential relief from certain ailments, especially those found within the body. Great for treating heavy body pain, stress, and depression.

NYC Diesel Background

NYC Diesel is also known as “Soma Sour Diesel,” and it was bred by Soma Sacred Seeds. This is a 60% Sativa-dominant hybrid and it comes from Mexican and Afghan landraces. As you may expect, NYC Diesel packs some gigantic cerebral effects that its consumers can’t get enough of.

This strain won 5 Cannabis Cups trophies in the early 2000s which really puts into perspective how powerful this strain is.

The aroma with NYC Diesel is something to note, as it smells as if a grapefruit and a lime had a baby. If you’re a fan of fruity marijuana, this is a great Sativa to try. Anxiety-prone consumers love this strain, because it helps in keeping them paranoia-free.


Tangerine Haze is a rather difficult strain to grow, so it’s not really recommended for home-growers. If you have some experience growing marijuana, it will definitely help while cultivating this plant.

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but it requires a Mediterranean climate. If growing indoors, the environment doesn’t matter as much. You can grow this with soil or hydroponics.

Flowers found on this plant are medium in size and have the appearance similar to mini pine cones. Phenotypes of this provide different looking buds. Some buds will appear compact and dense, while others will be fluffier, with more ragged leaves.

The leaves are dark green, similar to a moss covered forest and are covered with vibrant orange pistils. A resinous texture and silver sheen cover them, making them really shine in the sunlight.


If you are growing Tangerine Haze indoors, you can expect the flowering time to be between 8-9 weeks on average. Since this is a flavor heavy strain, be sure to harvest this in the proper timeframe so you capture its true flavors. If harvested late, it will still be okay, it just will lack in flavor.

The indoor yield will come in between 18 and 23 oz per square meter.


The main thing to note here is that it does require a Mediterranean climate. If not grown in proper conditions, it won’t be ready to harvest on time and this can result in a bad product.

If grown in proper conditions, you can expect to harvest it in mid-October. It can be late October, but more often than not, it will be right in the middle of October.

The outdoor yield will be a little bit higher, coming in around 24 ounces per square meter.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

You can think of the flavor almost as if biting into a tangerine. This seems a little farfetched, but the flavor is mind-boggling. A lot of people who have smoked this strain continue to come back to it, because they truly love the flavor. While you can taste mostly tangerine with some earthy notes, you will also get a slight hint of lime and even a sweet taste similar to cotton candy.

As far as the aroma goes, you can expect it to definitely smells like tangerines. One thing to note here is that a lot of consumers have mentioned that it tastes like tangerines more than it smells. This is interesting because this can be quite the opposite with other strains. Some people say that they can also get hints of lime in the aroma, but others say the contrary.

Overall smoke is very smooth and some taste a few herbal notes on the exhale with a sweet taste being left in the mouth for hours after.

The appearance is pretty classic for marijuana. You can expect dense buds with red hairs throughout. You will also notice a white resin that covers the buds.


If consumed properly; Tangerine Haze can result in consumers feeling happy, creative, uplifted and focused. Be sure to take this strain lightly at first, so you don’t smoke or consume too much of it. Effects will be felt instantly and a strong sense distortion may take place. This will affect the user’s sense of sight, sounds, and touch and may also promote time dilation.

Because it is a Sativa-dominant strain, it is perfect for recreational use and friendly get-togethers. It’s physical and mental alteration makes it great for those who want an all-round high. Best for morning or afternoon use and may keep people up if used at night.

Artists have mentioned that they have done some great work while using this strain, because it gave them some extra creativity that taps into different spots of their brain. Tangerine Haze is favored by creative people for advancing their work forward in a new and differing way, that they would typically not think to do.

Musicians also enjoy this strain, as it lets them focus on the task at hand and also fuels their creativity. The main thing to note here is that this is a strain for those who crave creativity.


For those who enjoy the outdoors and activities that require energy. You don’t get a ton of Indica effects here, so you can expect to have boosts in energy. Those who enjoy activities such as cycling, kayaking, frisbee, golfing and jogging will most likely enjoy this strain.


The Tangerine Haze strain has the potential to help with a variety of ailments. Let’s take a look at some of these below:


This should come as no surprise as it is known for instantly uplifting peoples moods. Sativa’s in general are known for taking people into a better headspace. This is important since so many people are struggling with depression. If you’ve struggled with depression and you haven’t found success in pharmaceuticals, Tangerine Haze could be a great strain for you.


Stress levels typically decline in individuals when they have the energy that they need to be more physically active. Because this packs Sativa effects, people find themselves with more energy, which can result in more exercise. Usually, this decreases individuals levels of stress. It also uplifts consumers, which can help reduce stress naturally.


As mentioned above, the Tangerine Haze strain gives consumers energy and uplifting effects which typically result in people feeling less tired throughout the day. This is important to note because individuals who have the energy to workout, typically have fewer health problems.

Possible Negative Side Effects

The biggest problem here is just your typical red eyes and dry mouth. There aren’t any serious negative side effects. As always, don’t consume too much too fast.

Similar Sativa Strains

For those who enjoy Sativa’s, here is a list of some similar strains you may not have heard of or tried yet:


Tangerine Haze marijuana is for those who enjoy wonderful flavors and uplifting effects. Those who enjoy marijuana and are ambitious will most likely fall for this strain.


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