Valentine X Marijuana Strain

Valentine X Marijuana Strain

Valentine X marijuana strain was named after the patron saint of epilepsy, and is a real 50/50 hybrid strain. It has a shockingly high CBD: THC ratio of 25:1 making it arguably the most sought after marijuana strain. The breeders at Synergy Wellness, based out of California, have poured all they have into this strain, with medical patients specifically in mind the entire time.

Parent Strains

Valentine X can credit its incredible healing properties thanks to where it comes from. Being a variant of the ACDC marijuana strain plays a significant role in why it is so beneficial to the medical community.

ACDC is a Sativa-dominant phenotype from another high CBD strain that has 19% CBD found within it. It helps users feel relaxed, happy, and focused. Overall flavor profile to this strain is earthy, woody and pine.

In a way, Valentine X can be looked at as ACDC, but more refined to enhance the CBD profile even further. When the two are compared next to each other, they are very similar, but have minor variations in the terpene concentrations.


The breeders named this strain after St. Valentine, because he is the saint that watches over those with epilepsy. This strain has immensely changed the life of many of those who suffer from it.

Synergy Wellness specialized in all things CBD and wanted to bring a marijuana strain into the community that could provide users with all the attributes CBD has to offer. They took their time in developing this strain and wanted to make one that would work 100%, and therefore didn’t rush the process.


The first stand out effects are going to be its healing properties, but it also is excellent for energy boosts, creative thinking, and sharpening up overall focus. Because the CBD level is so high in this strain, it is excellent for any type of user, and is prescribed to those who don’t typically use marijuana. Many describe the high in this as not being a high at all, and users can expect to feel a mild body buzz. It can be similar to the body buzz or ‘numbness’ that you might experience after a deep tissue massage.

Effects felt by the Valentine X marijuana strain come on fast, and are very strong, even though the “high” feeling won’t be active. People often think the “high” feeling is directly responsible for providing healing effects, and that is false. The whole point of CBD products is to obtain healing effects without feeling high or being put in a psychedelic state.

CBD Levels

CBD in this strain measures in at a whopping 25% and the THC barley hits 1% making this a stand out medical marijuana strain. Great for those who want to use marijuana but may be sensitive or allergic to THC.


As the name implies, Valentine X was explicitly made for treating epilepsy. Epilepsy causes seizures due to nerve cells in the brain being distributed. This strain can respond with the brain receptors, calming down the nerves; thus reducing the strength of the seizures, and the number of times they occur. This means people can go back to living their life, and are no longer confined to their homes. People have been able to get back to work and can have a social life again.

Those who suffer from MS and Parkinson’s can find relief from this strain and use it daily to help them feel normal again. People who haven’t found help from surgeries or other medical treatments are rushing to the marijuana community for additional assistance from strains just like this one.

Valentine X marijuana can also respond with receptors in the brain that can heal and improve head ailments such as :

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • PTSD

Many parents give their children this strain when they struggle with ADD and ADHD. They find comfort in treating their child with CBD, and not harmful pharmaceutical drugs, that often have other adverse side effects. Typically children consume this in the form of edibles or oils.

Even though you don’t get couch locked with this strain, it can help treat bodily aches and pains. It relaxes muscles, which can be beneficial in treating spasms caused by sports-related injuries, accidents, or due to unlucky genetics. Calming body pain can help allow people to get good sleep, and can encourage people to get back into the gym.

Reviews have ranked this as being medically beneficial for:

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Fatigue
  • Seizures

Recreational Uses

This strain is one of the few that can be used in the morning, afternoon, or at night. Because it is considered a creative strain, it can be useful for artistic people who are starting new projects, or those who can’t complete the project they might be stuck on. Used mostly by people in the morning or afternoon, due to its definite surge, it can make people feel on top of the world.

Consumers can also expect a burst of energy, which can help them get through tedious tasks such as chores, or getting their license renewed at the DMV.

Some prefer to take a bit of this in the morning, instead of a cup of coffee, because coffee can leave some users feeling jittery and anxious. Using this strain as your morning cup of joe can prevent your teeth from yellowing, which is one of the biggest problems coffee lovers face.

Since this strain pairs the mind and body into one fluid feeling, it can be used to enhance experiences such as:

  • Festivals
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • Games
  • Social events

Aroma & Appearance

The buds found on this are covered with blue trichomes and are popcorn-shaped. The blue color found on the buds makes it stand out next to other strains, and are truly remarkable to look at.

The overall aroma is categorized as earth, citrus, and pine. The flavor left, on the tongues of those who prefer to smoke, is going to last a long time and be sweet for hours.

Terpenes in the Valentine X marijuana strain contain scents similar to lemongrass, eucalyptus, pepper, clove, and even pine. It is a pungent type of marijuana, so users should keep that in mind when smoking in public.


The Valentine X marijuana plant can be grown indoors or outdoors and has a flowering time of about 8-10 weeks. It is an easy plant to grow and maintain, making it ideal for any type of grower, even newer ones. More experienced growers might want to top early, and keep up with pruning, if they live somewhere where discretion is required, because this plant does grow tall.

This plant will grow best in a warm, dry climate, and does not typically develop mold or mildew. Growers living in a Mediterranean environment will produce the best yields outside. Growers can expect a yield of about 16 oz per plant.

Negative Effects

Growers took time and put care into this strain, so even those who have adverse reactions to THC can enjoy this strain with a peaceful mind. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, people can’t overdose, or get addicted to marijuana.

Dry mouth and red eyes may be the only two things users have to watch out for, and these can be treated with a few eye drops and H2O. This CBD heavy strain will leave users feeling a bit more parched then other types of marijuana, so make sure to have water close by.

Similar Strains

If this strain sounds right up your alley, then you might want to check out these similar strains:

  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Enemy Of The State
  • Black Ice
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Banana OG
  • French Toast
  • Critical Hog
  • Jamaican Lion

Popular Cities

For whatever reason, this strain is only prevalent in two cities, Detroit, MI, and San Francisco, CA. If you aren’t anywhere near either of those, it is suggested you call around to see if a dispensary may have it, or opt to purchase a similar strain.

Final Thoughts

CBD has shown much promise in healing many types of medical ailments. It provides users of all ages relief from both mind and body pain. Those looking for a smooth and energetic high are sure to love Valentine X, and will put it on their regular rotation of marijuana strains.


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