Vortex Marijuana Strain

Vortex Marijuana Strain

The Vortex marijuana strain is yet another legendary strain by Subcool’s The Dank. Vortex weed is extremely potent. From the first puff, your mind will dive into a psychedelic vortex—hence the name. If this sounds awesome to you, you’re going to love Vortex weed. Plus, it has won the Best Sativa award during the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what you can expect from this exceptional marijuana strain in this Vortex strain review.


Vortex marijuana was created using two strains called Apollo 13 and Space Queen. These two parent strains are also hybrids, which further contributes to the wide range of effects and flavors you might experience with this weed. Let’s take a look at these two parent strains to better understand the lineage of this exceptional plant.

Apollo 13

Apollo 13 is a Sativa-dominant strain. It gets its name from the out-of-this-world psychedelic high it provides. This one will really make you feel spacey. The flavors and aromas are spicy and earthy, with just a hint of bitter citrus. Apollo 13 weed is potent and has a robust aroma, which may be too much for new cannabis users. It definitely passed on many of these traits to Vortex weed.

Unfortunately, though this strain is highly praised, it is a difficult strain to find, which means it can also be pricey. Why is it so hard to come by? Well, there were only 500 seeds released by the original breeders. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some Apollo 13 seeds, it’s known to be an easy plant to grow. Sadly, it doesn’t pass this trait on to the Vortex marijuana strain.

Space Queen

Space Queen is another Sativa-dominant strain, which is known to be quite potent, but in a much different way than Apollo 13. In moderate amounts, Space Queen starts off by offering a cerebral high that carries you into a floating sensation. Shortly after, the sativa side on this weed kicks in, which boosts your energy and creativity. In larger amounts, some users describe the effects of Space Queen as being similar to drinking several Red Bulls within an hour—so start with just a few tokes. These are unique qualities that can occur with Vortex weed.

Space Queen’s aromas and flavors are of apples coated with cinnamon, vanilla, berries, and a hint of citrus. The sweetness really lays heavy on the taste buds, with a creamy and earthy finish. New growers tend to avoid this one because it can be challenging to grow correctly. Space Queen passes along this complicated growing process to the Vortex marijuana strain.

Aroma, Appearance, and Flavor

The aroma of the Vortex cannabis strain can be unexpectedly different the first time around. Since both Apollo 13 and Space Queen have a wide variety of diverse flavors, Vortex weed doesn’t give off one single consistent aroma. Instead, you may notice a wide range of scents and flavors, that might even overwhelm the senses. There are many fruity and tropical flavors that are incorporated into the aroma, yet it’s difficult to pinpoint specific fruit flavors, with the exception of hints of mango.

The flavors are much like the aromas—complex, difficult to pinpoint, overwhelming. The one exception is the more prominent flavor of mango. It’s like a wildberry and tropical berry punch mixed together with earthy undertones. On exhale, there is a change in flavor, which can be almost overwhelmingly sour and acidic—like biting into a fresh lemon.

The appearance of Vortex weed can also be inconsistent, based on each individual plant’s genetic mutations. After all, the Vortex marijuana strain has an immensely wide variety of genetics. Some of the nugs have an ordinary appearance—bright green, dense, and a moderate coating of white trichomes—while others may take on an exotic purple color.


The Vortex strain is well known for its surge of different psychoactive effects on the mind. Its THC content is somewhere around 18% to 20%—which means this strain is potent and not particularly great for newbies. It has a wide range of potent mind-altering effects. You may literally feel like you’re swirling around in a whirlwind. Because it’s so potent, you’ll want to stick with small amounts at first. Just a couple hits will have you feeling happy, joyful, wild, and amazing overall.


Vortex cannabis is primarily used for things like anxiety and depression. It can help lift your mood and wipe away negative thoughts and feelings. Vortex helps melt away pain, because of its high THC content. When it comes to CBD-related health benefits, you won’t find many with Vortex weed. The CBD content is very slim, and it won’t have much of an effect on the body.

Negative Side Effects

Since Vortex weed is highly potent, you’ll want to consider some of the adverse effects that are typical with this strain. More than likely, you will experience dry mouth and dry eyes. These are pretty typical side effects of marijuana, but they are easy to combat. Keep a glass of water and some eye drops nearby.

Aside from these more common side effects, Vortex is known to cause dizziness—particularly if you’re new to smoking weed, or if you overdo it. Keep this in mind when you try this strain. Have a comfy chair or sofa nearby, in case dizziness hits you suddenly. Headaches can also be common if you smoke a large amount at once.

Growing  Info

The Vortex marijuana strain is tricky to grow. Because it has complex genes, mutations and random deviations are common. This is definitely not a good plant for first-time growers. Vortex cannabis plants have unusually slender branches, which can cause the plant to collapse in on itself if it’s allowed to grow freely.

Though it’s not unheard of to grow this plant outdoors, you’ll have the best luck growing Vortex indoors, so you can carefully and frequently monitor it, as well as having more control of the environment. The Vortex cannabis strain will reach its flowering period at 7-9 weeks. You can expect a pretty decent yield if you look after the plants well.

Final Thoughts

Is Vortex a good strain? The truth is, it just depends on what you’re looking for. Vortex weed is very potent, which may be too much for some people. It also has a very complex flavor, which some may not admire. If you’re looking for a mellow strain that’ll have you fully relaxed and couch-locked, this isn’t the right strain for you. However, if you want something that will send your mind soaring into a wild psychedelic vortex, look no further.


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