What are the Real Benefits of Hemp Rosin?

What are the Real Benefits of Hemp Rosin?

Today, we are referring specifically to hemp rosin. Rosin can refer to any type of cannabis, but, as we know, marijuana is not legal on a federal level. Hemp, however, is, and this method of consuming the plant is becoming increasingly recognized in the hemp world in general due to its unique attributes.

As the success of the cannabis industry continues to rise, there are more products from which to select than ever before. You almost have to empathize with the first-time user who has hundreds, if not thousands, of products to choose from. As we know, there are so many ways to deliver cannabis to the body. For a while, most of us used products derived from hemp that use an extraction method. Products like tinctures, edibles, topicals and vape oils continue to dominate the market, but 2020 just may be the year of the concentrates.

Even within the concentrates market, there is so much to choose from. To make matters even more complicated, each type of concentrate has various nicknames associated with it, which means that even a novice might get confused from time to time, mistaking one product for another, or not knowing that a person is referring to the same extract using different names.

Today, we will be talking about one of the most exciting cannabis concentrates on the market today, and that is rosin. Now, you may think that rosin is the same as shatter or wax. However, it actually is very unique in a number of ways. Moreover, many cannabis enthusiasts believe that it has unique advantages over the other types of concentrates that are available today.

The Real Basics on Rosin

Again rosin is a type of hemp concentrate. This is different from a hemp extract on a technical level, in that it implies that the compounds are far denser than, for instance, the full spectrum hemp extract used to produce a tincture. Additionally, its compounds aren’t watered down with other ingredients, while almost every other hemp product is.

Rosin, being a concentrate, falls into the same category as waxes and shatters. But, rosin is different. First, shatters and waxes both use solvents, which are liquid ingredients that help dissolve other ingredients to form a highly uniform end product. In fact, solvents successfully produce great-looking products. After all, shatter is aesthetically appealing, appearing like a thin layer of fragile glass. Finally, solvents produce a more even texture as well as a product in which the ingredients evenly incorporate in a very homogenous way.

But, the drawback of solvents is that they ultimately get in the way of the desirable compounds that hemp users want. While the compounds in solvent-based concentrates are more potent, they’re still not as potent as they could be were a solvent not used. Also, in an unregulated industry like the hemp market, it is sometimes questionable that companies use high-quality solvents that are safe to consume in large doses.

Another issue with solvents is that they affect the taste and aroma of the actual plant. You may not think this is a big deal, but if you’re a heavy hemp user, you don’t want your concentrate to bring up notes of butane, do you? Besides, certain vaporizing devices may amplify these unpleasant notes, meaning that a person is less likely to continue using the concentrate. This also means they end up wasting money.

By now, you might be beginning to understand why a solventless concentrate like rosin is so appealing. One of the reasons rosin is unique is in the fact that it doesn’t contain anything but a high concentration of hemp. At this point, you may be wondering how a product can get away without using a solvent. The answer to that has to do with how rosin is made. While other concentrates need solvents to dissolve the material, rosin simply requires heat and a pressing device. Basically, rosin is the plant material that has been pressed into a thin and uniform sheet by pressing it between two very hot devices.

What this process does is squeeze all of the resin out of the hemp flower buds. See, the hemp flower naturally produces resin through its trichomes, which are resin glands. This sticky resin is full of extremely concentrated amounts of the plant compounds that many consider desirable. Through pressing out this resin, we end up with a concentrate that’s extremely high in cannabinoids, terpenes and the like. Moreover, it has a texture similar to shatter.

An additional bonus of rosin is that many easily make it at home. Today, many pressing devices are available that allow you to make high-quality rosin yourself.

Rosin from Hemp or Marijuana

What Exactly is in Rosin?

Again, rosin contains a very potent amount of the full spectrum of compounds that we associate with the hemp plant. This means that it contains an extremely high amount of CBD, for starters. CBD is the leading compound in hemp and the one that gets the most attention because of its wide array of exciting properties. So, when you consume rosin, you’re getting a lot more CBD than what you’d get from your average dose of an oral tincture.

Additionally, rosin provides your body with every other compound. This includes the full array of additional cannabinoids, which produce synergistic effects. Then, there are flavonoids that seem to boost these synergistic properties of cannabinoids. Additionally, there are the terpenes that give hemp its famous color and aroma, while offering a wide variety of thrilling properties of their own.

That’s all you get when you consume rosin – no solvents, no carrier oils, and no unnecessary fillers. Are you getting the appeal of this product yet? It’s impressive, isn’t it?

Different Kinds of Rosin

Rosin is becoming more widely available, so it is available in more forms than ever before. The main difference between different rosin products is the strain. For those who don’t know, cannabis comes in a variety of strains. The strain refers to the particular chemical composition of a breed of cannabis. We said earlier that all cannabis has a nice collection of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, as well as other compounds. But, it’s it is the arrangement of these compounds that deliver the strain and ultimately, the unique effects it provides.

There are three categories of strains: sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.

  • Sativa strains are more energizing and uplifting, not to mention cerebral.
  • Then, there are Indica strains that are used for their sedative-like properties, as well as the fact that they can calm the physical body.
  •  Lastly, we have hybrid strains, which are crossbred strains combining properties of both sativa and Indica.

Strains are important, because each one may provide very different effects due to their unique properties that result from particular chemical composition. One of the easiest ways to control the strain you consume is by going with rosin or another concentrate. That’s because this product is more close to the original plant material, therefore its original chemical composition is left intact. Meanwhile, other forms of hemp extract may combine elements of different strains, or not be available in a wide enough variety of strains.

The Potential Effects of Rosin

If you’ve been using CBD for a long time, you already have a good idea of how it affects your body. But rosin is unique in that a small dose gives you far more of those plant compounds that you love about hemp. Therefore, you may find that your hemp experience is more potent when you consume rosin compared to what you’re used to.

How to Consume Rosin

The most popular way to consume rosin is through a dab device. This is a type of water pipe intended for concentrates, as it has a special attachment that allows this concentrate to turn into smoke. Today, there are also many vaporizer devices with the same mechanisms but they allow you to inhale rosin vapor rather than smoke.

We have to point out that rosin is not consumable in the same manner that you do other types of hemp products. Instead, due to its unique texture and consistency, it is not smoked in a traditional pipe or rolling papers. Moreover, you don’t cook with it in the same way that you can cook with raw flowers. So, bear this in mind, as buying rosin means that you need to also buy a setup appropriate for this type of hemp product.

Where to Buy Rosin

Rosin is only just becoming popular, which is why it’s not as easy to find as other hemp goodies like edibles and vape juices. But, there is an influx of CBD companies that sell rosin on their websites in order to accommodate the growing demand. What’s most important is that you choose your rosin from a trustworthy source that provides verification that the product is real, legitimate, high in quality, and free of toxic ingredients. Look for reviews from real users. Also, ask the company questions yourself so that you feel more secure in your purchase.

The Legal Status of Rosin

Rosin that comes from hemp is perfectly legal, as are all hemp derivatives. Rosin that comes from marijuana is not legal except in states in which marijuana is legal. Hemp naturally contains only 0.3 percent THC, while marijuana has much more. Therefore, hemp is not psychoactive, which is why it is legal on a federal level.

What to Know Before Buying and Using CBD Flower

Well, if you plan to make rosin part of your daily routine, we do suggest that you tell your doctor beforehand. We also recommend that you do your research carefully to ensure your rosin is from a trustworthy source who produces quality products. With rosin, you get what you pay for, so never simply go for the cheapest option available. Also, be aware that some companies overprice their rosin, so check the pricing carefully.

Also, remember that to enjoy rosin, you must have the proper device due to the unique nature of this type of concentrate. Finding the right device is critical as the wrong device can damage the rosin and then it goes to waste. Instead, do your research to see what types of devices are out there.

Another thing to consider is doing some homework regarding different strains of hemp. Like we said, each strain may provide its own unique effects, so if you’re trying to accomplish something specific with hemp, it’s important to know how strains differ from each other. This knowledge will help ensure that you have a satisfying experience with your rosin.

Before Long – You Are a Rosin Expert!

Hemp rosin is becoming a top-selling product in the months to come. That’s because a growing number of true, avid hemp enthusiasts are discovering that this type of product delivers unique properties and is technically cleaner than other types of concentrates. So, if you want to hop on board the rosin train, use the guidelines in this article. This guide will not only help you acquire the right type of rosin but also use it properly so that you get the most enjoyment out of this fascinating form of hemp.