White Widow Marijuana Strain

White Widow Marijuana Strain

White Widow marijuana is one of the most popular strains in the world, but its original backstory is not widely known. The history behind how the first strain of White Widow was developed is a hot topic for debate. The only thing people can agree on is that it was created in the Netherlands. While you can find many arguments for both stories, let us take a look at them both and you can decide for yourself.

Origin Debate

One story credits a man named Ingemar De Sjamaan for creating the strain back in 1987. He is quoted as naming the strain White Widow because of the white crystals found on the plant and widow after the spider. It’s believed he sold clones to the Arjan, who works at the GreenHouse in the Netherlands. Years later he crossed one male and one female to begin the Greenhouses very own strain of White Widow. Arjan said he did not have to do any breeding because Ingemar had already done that work for them.

The other version of the story credits a man who also worked at GreenHouse named Scott Blakey, also referred to some as Shantibaba. As the story goes Shantibaba was traveling in India when he stumbled upon a worker who offered him a joint. Impressed by the potency of the joint; Shantibaba purchased some of the seeds and took those seeds back to the Netherlands with him. Once back to the Greenhouse, Scott mixed the seeds he purchased with pure Brazilian Sativa or something similar.

Whatever story you choose to believe, you should keep in mind the following facts: in 1998 Scot Blakey got into an unknown argument with GreenHouse Seeds and left to go form his company called Mr. Nice Seeds. He began working with Howard Marks and Neville Schoenmaker. Due to name legality, they produce the same white widow strain and call it “Black Widow”.

Flavor and Aroma

White Widow falls short in the flavor department. Those that choose this strain do so for the effects and not for the taste, which is often described as very lacking.

The small flavor that can be found in this strain includes notes of:

  • Wood
  • Earth
  • Pinewood
  • Floral
  • Orange Citrus

It comes as no surprise to consumers that much like the flavor department the aroma department falls short as well. The main scent to this strain is a hashy smell followed by a small note of citrus. Phenotypes can sometimes give the strain a hint of lemon, but it has a rather skunky smell overall.


White Widow has one of the top resin strands, which makes it desirable for breeders to use. It’s also valued by many for its production of hash.

Breeding projects often use White Widow to increase potency and robustness when breeding other strains.  It is because of this strain that so many hybrids are able to be in existence, such as White Russian, Blue Widow, and Black Widow.

Because of its explementary nugs, this strain is found in almost all coffee shops around Amsterdam. In fact, coffee shops have been serving it for over two decades, which shows how great it can stand the test of time.


The great white widow strain is a Sativa- dominant hybrid that gives you more psychological effects than physical ones. The potency of this strain is so high that many don’t often feel the Indica traits in this at all. Be careful with this strain because the psychedelic effects may leave you feeling paranoid. Those who typically don’t feel paranoia or anxiety should still use this with caution the very first time.

You can expect quick acting cerebral effects, often accompanied by a feeling of high energy and an overall happy state of mind. Your mind will feel the high before your body does. A very mild body buzz can be felt, but will in no way make you feel couch-locked.

Medical Uses

White Widow Strain has a THC level of 20%, which makes it attractive for people to use this with psychological ailments including:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • PTSD

While it is more of a mind high than a body high, people have found this strain helps with muscle pain related to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  Because of this strains abundance of trichomes, it makes for a great substitute in place of pain relievers. When found in a topical lotion, it helps relieve shingles symptoms and may give relief for up to 4 hours.

Not a great strand for those looking to help cure insomnia, appetite or fatigue.

Recreational Uses

This is one of the top used strains for those attending concerts, musicals or plays. Since the White Widow Strain is so psychological, it enhances your minds ability to see and process things. Thus using this makes these events seem more desirable than they otherwise typically would.

Can be also be used as an ice breaker for yourself when going to social events you know are going to make you feel uncomfortable.

Plants and Seeds

Growers can expect the white widow strain to have plants that are short and compact, which makes them great for growing indoors. Males are preferred for the breeding process because females tend to develop a strain with an overall bad smell and taste. Males carry the stronger potency and retain the flavor terpenes better.

The overall structure of the flowers tends to have more Sativa traits than Indica ones and the buds from the plant are chunky, conical and tapered. A longer than average growing time is found with the white widow weed strain, and growers should expect 10 weeks until the harvest is ready. They will grow quicker indoors vs growing it outdoors.

Check the moisture often or mildew may occur. Unlike other plants, this one can be grown in cooler regions like the Netherlands, and other cooler European climates. Can be a great plant option for those who don’t already have heated lamps for growing. Growers can also be at ease knowing that this strain stays very consistent with its overall qualities.


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